Here I will explain how to get the best out of your meal, whether it’s frozen or fresh, or you prefer to use a microwave, oven or stove top.

Microwave – Use the container the meal came in.
Open the lid slightly in one corner to allow some of the steam to escape during the heating. 
Heat on full power for 3 minutes. 
After 3 minutes, remove from the microwave and feel the underneath in the middle of the container. If it is too hot to touch, your meal is ready. If it is just warm, give it another minute on full power.
When heated, remove from the microwave, replace the lid tightly and allow to stand for 2 minutes – this will allow an even distribution of heat. 
Remove the lid carefully, avoiding the steam which can burn. 
Serve up and enjoy.

You will get the best out of your meal by allowing it to defrost overnight in the main compartment of the refrigerator. 
Reheat in the microwave by following the above instructions.
To defrost from frozen in the microwave, select defrost by weight on the microwave and then type 450 because 450grams is the average weight of each meal. Normally, defrosting this way will take about 13 minutes in the microwave. 
When done, remove the meal from the microwave a feel underneath in the middle of the container. If it feels cold it is probably still a bit frozen in the middle. In this case, return the meal to the microwave and select defrost by weight again, but this time, type 50, for the remaining 50grams still cold. Once fully defrosted, reheat as directed above. The bottom of the container should feel evenly cool, but not cold.

Some meals, such as spaghetti bolognaise or a risotto can reheat very well in a stovetop saucepan. Remember to add a couple of tablespoons of water to help loosen the food and avoid a pan burn. 
Set on medium heat until piping hot.

Some menu items will give best results if heated in a combination of microwave and oven.
A good example would be a beef dinner with roast potatoes. A microwave will do the job fine, but if you want crispy roast potatoes heat them separately in the oven, set on 180 degrees C. Keep checking on them until crisp.

I hope these reheating tips will bring out the best of your reheated meals, but if you are still unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Chef Nick