Q: why order from Joshua Tree AU?

A: All meals are personally prepared daily, using local produce, by a UK trained chef with more than 20 years experience who is passionate about food. Your meals are delivered to your door, or can be picked up in store.

Q: How do I order?

A: It is a easy online ordering system, just select your meals, add them to your cart and follow the prompts to secure payment. 

Q: how do I pay for delivery?

A: Preferred payment is via credit card on the secure website shopping card system and you can nominate if you need delivery to your home, or you will pick up from our kitchen in Smith Street, Southport. Delivery is a $10 flat rate delivery fee. All delivered orders must be a minimum of $50.

Q: When will I receive my order if I place a order on the weekend?

A: Order anytime over the weekend before 9pm on Sunday for your meals to be delivered or for pick up on Monday. 

Q: if I don’t pay for delivery can I pick up in store?

A: Yes, at checkout there is a pickup option, which means there is no delivery fee. You will receive a text message when they are ready (typically from 2pm onwards). The Kitchen is located at 94b Smith’s Street, opposite the Southport High School. No parking in Smith Street, but just drive around the corner for plenty of parking.

Q: Does someone need to be home to receive the order?

A: yes, but if that is a problem, please advise us on email to arrange a suitable time.

Q: what if I am not happy with meal or the order is wrong?

A: please review our return policy which requires that we must be advised of any problems within 24 hours of delivery or pick up. We will do our very best to resolve the problem quickly.

Q: How long will my meals last once delivered?

A: Meal are cook fresh when ordered. No specific preservatives are used. Once delivered, it will last two to three days under refrigeration.

Q: Can I freeze it?

 A: Yes many of our products are perfect for freezing, some not so much. If you are unsure please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Q: How long do I heat the meals for?

A: microwave ovens are typically ideal for most, meals and for these Heat on full power for 3-4 minutes will lid on and allow to stand for one minute. frozen meals will benefit when defrosted in fridge over night then reheated the normal way. If defrosting in microwave, select "defrost" by weight on your microwave type in (450g to 500g), once defrosted heat on full power 3-4 minutes.

Q: Why is there no information about nutrition or ingredients?

A: This is a relatively new business operated exclusively by the chef-owner, but as it grows, nutritional information and much more food related information will be added to the website. We encouraging customers to think of us as their favourite restaurant and you have the owners guarantee that all meals are cooked from fresh ingredients on the day they are delivered and every attention is paid to the food quality. The charm of our business is that there is a range of interesting food, with more meals added regularly. Meals are well balanced, the proportions are generous and you won’t be paying restaurant prices for restaurant quality food.