Why the name Joshua Tree AU ? - Joshua Tree Au

Why the name Joshua Tree AU ?

Good question. My wife and I came up with this name just over nine months ago when the business started. 
We were in the garden sipping on Hendrix gin with a bruised lemon myrtle leaf micro planned cucumber and tonic, Cocktail perfection!

Lemon myrtle is a native citrus leaf and I have a Tree in my garden if you would like to try it just message me, I’ll give you some free of charge it can be used for many things, teas, you can dry it, seasoning etc 

Sorry back to the subject, Joshua is the name of our son and the Tree is to symbolise growth.

I know Joshua Tree is a weird looking Tree in a national park in California or the name of a U2 album. Hind side maybe I should have called the business (your private chef) or (easychef) but I’m sticking to my guns with this one.

So hi I’m Nick, for those who don’t know, Joshua Tree AU is a one man band run by just me, from collecting ingredients in the morning, cooking, delivering and editing the website I do it all. When ordering from me not only are you supporting local but you are helping me pursue my dream of running a business and hopefully in the near future I will employ local chefs, delivery drivers to expand the business ...


Do you have a meal from your childhood something from your home country? I’ll make it, I accept the challenge! Just call or message me I’ll add it to my website. There are not many things I can’t make and if I’m not sure I’ll research recipes and watch YouTube clips to create it for you (with in reason) lol. 

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